Unregulated Broker

Fine-china.biz Review: Unregulated Company (SCAM)

In our review on Fine-china.biz, we are entirely focused on reasons why Fine-china.biz is a scam and why you should avoid the website.

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Who is Fine-china.biz

Fine-china.biz is an offshore broker company that is purporting to make you millions once you invest with them.

The company is claiming to offer an enticing superior trading environment where traders can enjoy on point marketing analysis, super-fast executions, advanced security, top-notch customer care services among other advantages.

Once you make a deposit, you will be able to trade on different platforms including Indices, Forex and other Digital assets.

Even though the company is new in the market, the company believes that it will have a good reputation in the next few months.

While time will tell if the company will deliver on its promises, we are not sure that Fine-china.biz is the right company to invest with.

Fine-china.biz Review: A Scam Broker!

First and foremost, this broker has been listed in the warning list of scam brokers since it’s unregulated.

Problem with unregulated investment programs is that they are unreliable and often abuse trading regulations.

Any company or investment program that is operating without a license, cannot provide good security to your personal information and funds.

Similar to UKBTC, Grex Capital, and Rocca Financial Group broker will disappear with your funds once you make a deposit.

In addition, do not be fooled by the professional design of their website. Grandbroker lacks the full aspects of a professional broker.

The website is not as secure as you think. This may not mean too much, but any website as www.Fine-china.biz is a goldmine to hackers. If hackers happen to visit here, they will definitely have access to sensitive personal and financial data.

Moreover, the company lacks credibility to tell us who runs the day to day activities of the firm.

Information such as this should be easy to locate to verify the authenticity of a company.

Fine-china.biz Review: unregulated broker

All financial regulators in the world are warning investors against investing with unregulated brokers such as Fine-china.biz.

This brokers do not have enough funds to run a fully fledged brokerage company and yet regulators require them to meet a certain threshold of capital in order to safely run a brokerage.

It is of greater risk that if you trade with unregulated and broker and they decide to disappear with your funds, your options for filing complaints will be extremely limited.

Furthermore, the firm has failed by not providing its banking information.

This is a red flag as the company will disappear once declared bankrupt or it’s assets frozen.

Our Conclusion

To sum up, even though Fine-china.biz is professionally designed, it is hiding a lot behind the beautiful theme.

So far, we haven’t seen any feedback that backs what the sales page is telling us regarding this firm.

If you don’t want to lose your money, stay away from this shady and risky broker. They are not an investment program that can help you make money. Just stay away.